Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inocent Insane-o-cat? NOT...

Isn't Insane-o-cat one of the most innocent cats in the whole world? NOT!
She looks so innocent in these photos, drinking her water, sitting down happily, but actually, she had a problem last night...

We came home from McDonald's with the left over chips, and of course, after a little while, they got shriveled and cold. I left it on the bench, and of course this is where Insane-o-cat jumps in.

The next day, I think it was, I went into the kitchen and found the chips and the Happy Meal box spilled on the floor.

Of course Insane-o-cat did it, because last night, Insane-o-cat had a big mess in her room...
I think you know what I mean, and my poor dad had to clean it all up.

That is the last time I leave McDonald's on the kitchen bench. 


  1. I find that free-for-all food is really for everyone! Although I have never actually had the thrill of eating real McDonald's food!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  2. McDonald's food is not good for kitties. You have the proof!

  3. Hi we came over from the Cat Blogosphere to meet you! Wow, Insane-o-cat sounds like my cats - first, they love to go in any leftover food bags and second, they love french fries!

    If you would like to visit us, our blog is listed in our profile - and also, you may want to think about having Insane-o-cat join our club, The Naughty Kitty Club (also linked in our profile). It sounds like a perfect match!

  4. Insane-o-Cat sounds like our Ferris!

  5. I fink tha Naughty Kitty Club would be a purrfect match, too. Hee hee.
    Love & Purrs,