Saturday, September 4, 2010

Insane-o-cat and my dad's birthday!

Hi everyone!
Recently, my dad had his birthday and we celebrated!
We put up streamers and a balloon.
I decided to take insane-o-cat up to the balloon and she got really scared!
I told my dad and he decided to take her up to the balloon but when she even saw it she got scared, so again my dad decided to take her into the lounge and pat her to calm her down and tried to get her up but then she went crazy and she hissed!
Later we took the balloon and streamers downn and then my dad took her and showedher the room!
Wow, she was relaxed.
Isane-o-cat is scared of things hanging down from the ceiling!
Funny, cute and adorable insane-o-cat!

Hi and a video!

Hey people with cats, cats and people,
Sorry I haven't done a post for so long!
How are you all?
I hope you are all well!
Insaneocat has been her cute, old and newself and be prepared for some new stories about her!
Oh and please watch this cute video about a cat who likes water!
Thanks for reading!